The VO2-Track is world’s first wearable VO2 monitor priced for recreation and education. It is a new concept in ambulatory VO2 measurements.  This wearable device allows you to measure VO2 almost anywhere and, with a total system weight of only 420g (mask system, amplifier and interface), it presents virtually no load.  Data are analyzed and displayed using sophisticated, but intuitive software.


  • Teaching
  • VO2 Testing in Gyms
  • VO2 Testing in Sports Clubs
  • Franchise Opportunities
  • Fitness Testing for First Responders

The Complete System

  • O2 Sensor in Mask
  • Disposable/Sterilizable Pneumotach
  • Adjustable Face Masks
  • Valve System for Directional Breath Flow
  • Mask and Attachments only 150g
  • Collect Data Anywhere
  • Intuitive Software
  • Data interface
  • Automated VO2 Calculations
  • PFT Functions
  • +8 Hour Battery Life
  • Heart Rate Monitor Included

The VO2-Track has been compared against several other CPX systems that cost many times its price, and has been shown to provide accurate and consistent data. It provides continuous measurements of O2 content in the expired breath, breath flow and heart rate.  Software calculates metabolic rate as VO2 on the go. Calibration is simple and requires no additional gases. The pneumotach tube may be used independently, if required, for basic spirometry measurements.

VO2-Track Software

VO2-Track software allows for numerous data display options, including raw and calculated data shown in graphical, meter and spreadsheet formats.  All data are available for post-exercise manipulation by the user.  The software has a comprehensive suite of statistical and mathematical functions, allowing for second by second visualization, or averaging over what ever time period is selected.

Raw Data

VO2 Recovery Rate Data

Choice of Interfaces

LabQuest Mini Interface is the least expensive option.  Must be attached to a computer or laptop.  Three analog inputs for O2, Pressure and heart rate.

LabQuest Stream transfers data wirelessly to computer or laptop within Bluetooth range. Three analog inputs for O2, Pressure and heart rate.

Lab Quest 2 stores data for download to computer or laptop. Data displayed on touch screen. Three analog inputs for O2, Pressure and heart rate.