BBB1LP Breath-by-Breath Respirometry Package

Qubit’s BBB1LP Breath by Breath Respirometry Package is designed to measure both steady-state and dynamic changes in human metabolic rate under a variety of test conditions. VO2, VCO2, VO2max, resting metabolic rate (RMR), Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) and a host of other physiological and pulmonary parameters may be measured on a breath by breath basis using this package.

The Breath by Breath Respirometry Package includes:

  • S147

    Rapid Response O2/CO2 Analyzer

  • S182

    Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

  • A510

    Pneumotach Spirometer (x6)

  • C901

    Logger Pro Software and custom experimental files

  • C610

    Lab Quest Mini Data interface x2

  • F500

    Flowmeter 40-500ml/min

  • A505

    Face masks (2 Large, 2Med)

  • A506-neo

    Neoprene face mask holder

  • B301

    Nafion RH equilibrator tubing

  • Accesorries

    Flow calibration kit, tubing, connectors, drying column, CO2 scrubbing column, pneumotach adaptor, screwdriver, data cables

When running experiments using the Breath by Breath Respirometry Package, the user wears a light-weight face mask (or a breathing tube if preferred) that allows for breath sampling during rest or during exercise on a variety of ergometers. Inhaled and exhaled breath is analyzed by the rapid response O2/ CO2 analyzer (S147) at a sampling rate of 50 Hz so that the entire breath wave form is displayed graphically in real time. The breath wave form and end-tidal O2 and CO2 are clearly displayed, even during vigorous exercise.

Raw breath-by-breath data set

The BBB1LP-Respirometry Setup experimental file automaticaly calculates and displays all of the breath paramters in the 9 panel Wasserman plots when data logging is complete.

Wasserman plots

BBB1LP Package can also be used in spirometry only studies where breath flow is measured and various lung paramters are calculated automaticaly

Spirometry data set
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