Qubit CPX: Advancing the Science of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Drawing on decades of experience in gas measurement technology, Qubit Systems has developed a range of new analysis systems and associated software that expand the boundaries of CPX testing and pulmonary function measurements. Our breath by breath and mixed expired air systems provide data of unparalleled accuracy that are easy to obtain, clearly presented, and delivered by software with an enormous range of analytical and reporting capabilities. Whether you are an experienced sports medicine professional or a novice teacher who wishes to introduce the concepts of CPX testing to students, Qubit has a system that will meet your requirements precisely and at an extremely competitive price.



Human Respirometry

Room and Pod Calorimetry

Ambulatory breath by breath CPX measurements of VO2 and VCO2 with our novel Q-Track System.  Or measure VO2 only with our new VO2-Track System that has the O2 sensor incorporated into the mask.   The wearable technology is accurate, reliable and can be used anywhere.   These all inclusive systems are priced for research, teaching and fitness testing markets.

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For entry level research and teaching, a complete breath by breath system with software and all the accessories. Laser diode O2 analyzer and NDIR CO2 analyzer. Lightweight replaceable pneumotach spirometer and face masks. Automatic calculation of Wasserman 9 panel graphs. Meets and exceeds ATS standards for accuracy. Intuitive, flexible software.

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A mixed expired air human respirometry system with fuel cell O2 analyzer and NDIR CO2 analyzer. A modular system in Qubit’s Q-Box format that allows expansion into animal metabolic studies and components to be used as stand-alone items. Excellent for research but priced to make it a flexible system, attractive and affordable for teaching.

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Use Qubit’s unique S104-DOX differential O2 analyzer in conjunction with our CO2 analyzers to measure metabolic activity of subjects during rest or exercise. The patented DOX has a resolution of 1 ppm O2 against air and can measure extremely low O2 depletion levels at high flow rates through metabolic chambers, hoods and pods. All accessories and software provided

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