ComPAS software allows enormous versatility in reporting combined CPX and PFT tests.   Whatever data are collected in the tests may be presented as graphs or tables.   The graphs and tables may be arranged on any page of the re[port and in any order preferred by the operator.  ComPAS incorporates a database of CPX and PFT vaalues representing standards for varoious demogrpahic groups, so that results for any individual may be compared easily against the normal rnnge of values for the subject’s demographic group.

ComPAS software offers a number of standard reporting formats that may be selected as defaults.  However, the opoerator may edit anmd modify these formats easily to customise reports for specific testing protocols or for specific groups of subjects.  As much, or as little, of teh CPX and PFT data collected during any test may be included.  Qubit Systems will create customised reporting formats for clients, on request, that are automatically populated with chosen data.  The client’s address, logo and other imfomation any may be added to the header of the report if required.