Q-CPX Metabolic Cart

The new Q-CPX System is the culmination of several years of collaboration between Qubit Systems Inc. of Canada and Morgan Scientific Inc. of the USA.  The combination of expertise in gas measurement technology and cardiopulmonary exercise testing has led to the most innovative and comprehensive CPX system currently available.  At the heart of the system is ComPAS software, used in numerous hospitals and testing facilities throughout the USA.  ComPAS now combines comprehensive CPX and PFT measurements in an enormously powerful and versatile system for exercise testing.

Calculated Parameters

  • Minute Ventilation (VE)
  • Oxygen Uptake (VO2)
  • Carbon Dioxide Production (VCO2)
  • Tidal Volume (VT)
  • End-Tidal Partial Pressure of Oxygen (ETO2)
  • End-Tidal Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2)
  • Dead Space Fraction (VD/VT)
  • Respiratory Quotient (R)
  • Ventilatory Equivalent for O2 (VE/O2)
  • Ventilatory Equivalent for CO2 (VE/CO2)
  • Ventilatory Reserve
  • Ventilatory Threshold
  • Heart Rate Reserve
  • Oxygen Pulse
  • Flow Volume Loop
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation


Foundation Data

  • FEO2
  • FECO2
  • Breath Flow
  • Ventilation
  • Work Load
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Heart Rate
  • Temp. Pressure, RH

ComPAS software is the most comprehensive and sophisticated software package for CPX  and PFT measurements currently available.  No other software comes close with respect to features, data handling, reporting or ease of use.  The GUI guides the operator through all aspects of set up, calibration and running tests.  Defaults are provided for screen displays and reports, but the operator may customize any aspect of these, as required.  All raw data are always saved, but the operator has the option to select and reject data points, and to recalculate parameters at will.  For so many reasons, ComPAS software is the choice of top medical centers throughout North America. To learn more about the power of ComPAS CLICK HERE

Breath by Breath Metabolic data

Flow Volume Loops on Demand

Set Up and Calibration

Calibration procedures can be completed in just a few minutes to ensure perfect accuracy of the Q-CPX system.  Learn how…

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Pulmonary Function

The Q-CPX system is unique in providing a full suite of PFT tests that can be done at any stage in the resting exercise and recovery phases of a CPX test.

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Data Management

You’ve collected data from the world’s most accurate CPX system. Learn how ComPAS software allows you to manipulate and manage data to display the results that you need.

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Run CPX Test

ComPAS software allows you to fully automate CPX testing and also to take manual control whenever you need to.

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ComPAS software includes several default reporting templates, but also allows you to design reports for your specific test protocols and for your institution.

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ComPAS software allows you to fully automate CPX testing and also to take manual control whenever you need to.

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Discover how easy it is to set up automated CPX and PFT tests using ComPAS software and the Q-CPX System.

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