Data Management

Review Screen

Borg Screen

Here, the operator may enter “Event” data taken during the study. The operator may also remove spurious data points caused by the patient coughing, swallowing etc.  ComPAS uses a script to automatically ‘clean’ the data file and the operator may also a apply a group  or rolling average to the data.

The “Borg” tab provides opportunity to record the subject’s Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) at the conclusion of exercise.  A number of options are presented for automated selection.  In addition, the operator may make notes concerning the patient’s condition during and after the test.

Data Summary Screen

Wasserman 9 Panel Graph

The summary panel is helpful when reviewing key data before printing a report. The screen details resting, maximal, predicted and percent predicted information in a similar format to that used in many report formats.

The Wasserman 9 panel plot is a recognized analysis tool for cardio-pulmonary exercise.  Its graphical solutions allow rapid interpretation of the collected data. Break points, maximums and performance against predicted normal values all permit evaluation of the subject’s performance.

Resting Data Screen

Anaerobic Threshold Screen

The screen allows the operator to better define those data that make up a true steady state resting condition. Often tests that are started prematurely show data in which the test subject is still acclimatizing to the mouthpiece or face mask so that tidal volumes and respiratory rates are falsely elevated.

ComPAS uses the  V-slope method to detect the anaerobic threshold. This detects the beginning of the excess CO2 output generated from the buffering of [H+] by determining the power output at which a clear steeper increase of VCO2 occurs compared with VO2.

Enable – Disable Screen

FVC Overlay Screen

It is not uncommon for outlying or ‘spurious’ data points to be captured when doing breath by breath measurement. The “Enable – Disable” editor allows the operator to remove individual data points from reporting or averaging.

The screen shows the various measurements of lung function taken prior to, during and after the exercise test.    This allows the operator to assess any ventilatory limitation to exercise performance.  In ComPAS software The overlays of flow volume or just tidal volume loops are ‘anchored’ at TLC.

Data Export Screen


For researchers wishing to export raw data to Excel, a data export designer is provided which can be configured to export any of the discrete data elements desired. For researchers wishing to make use of the ComPAS data averaging, Excel sheets can be grouped together in a worksheet that may contain for example: raw breath by breath data, 15-sec average data, 30-sec average data and so on.