Compas Software

The World’s Most Powerful CPX Testing Software

After many years of careful development in association with sports medicine professionals, kinesiologists and pulmonary scientists, Qubit  Systems with its partner Morgan Scientific, bring you the most advanced CPX testing and PFT software currently available.  With its intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) navigation and use of ComPAS is simple. Customers familiar with other software comment that when using ComPAS their attention is at last focused on the subject rather than on screen navigation.

CPX and PFT Software Solutions for All

The power and scope of ComPAS software will satisfy the requirements of the most advanced research labs but it is also ideally suited for private office practices and recreational testing in gyms and fitness centres. The clear instructional screens and simple operation help ensure excellence in CPX testing for even novice users. Beyond the ATS recommendations for test quality and performance, ComPAS provides “Test Confidence” review which prompts users if any data appear to be in question. When you use ComPAS it is as if a product specialist is sitting by your side to ensure test quality.

Collaborative Design

At Qubit Systems we encourage customer participation in development. Many advanced features of ComPAS software have evolved from this collaborative spirit and the direct contact between our engineers and end users.  As ComPAS continues to expand in its capabilities we ensure that all of our clients gain access to new features even if using older hardware.  Our commitment is to remain at the forefront of CPX and PFT analysis and to provide clients with the free software updates as they become available.

Customizable Reports

Comprehensive, elegant and versatile reporting is an important feature that completely separates ComPAS from any other choice on the market. Our clients are not bound by default reporting formats or the constraints of limited editing options – if a specific reporting format can be imagined it can be produced.  An extensive library of report presentations come standard with ComPAS, but the content and layout of reports may be chosen in their entirety by the user.  Creating a template to meet specific needs is simple, but if you require assistance with any aspect of this our software team is just a phone call away.