12 Lead EKG

NORAV 1200W wireless EKG monitor.  Offers 16 bit resolution and very high sampling rate, signal averaging and heart rate.  proprietary wireless data acquisition between the patient and the workstation allowing for maximum safety and comfort.  No restrictions on movement, patient is move with no signal degradation.Triggers the image without any interference or blockage variability applications.  Resting and Stress software included.

Bicycle Ergometers

We offer a wide range of bicycle ergometers from Ergoline and other reputable manufacturers.  Ergometers may be supplied with blood pressure measurement sensors if required.  All ergometer controls may be set within the ComPAS software as part of the test protocol set up.  Manual over-ride can be selected as required.

Metabolic Cart

A range of options are available to support all analyzers, accessories, computer and screens.  Cabling is enclosed within the frame of the cart to avoid clutter.  Single or dual screen options are offered.  Each cart may be locked for stabiliy.  Carts are extremely durable construction and come with a lifetime guarantee.